Self Care

I have strep throat.

My new best friend is a ten-day course of amoxicillin, and we’re bonding over a few days off work. I’m not in a serious amount of pain, but I think the antibiotics are dehydrating me. I have this constant feeling of wanting to blow my nose but nothing comes out.

Coincidentally, I stumbled upon an article this morning about the health benefits of drinking up to three litres of water a day. Why yes, I do want fewer headaches and to look ten years younger! Sign me up!

So now I’m slowly working my way through a jug of water, hoping it will make me at least feel a little better while I sit quarantined in my house, rather bored.

I should explain. In my line of work, you can’t walk into the building with strep throat. Too much shared equipment and people who count on their voices. So even though I may not be contagious after twenty-four hours of antibiotics, my doctor has advised I stay off until at least tomorrow, if not Monday.

Christ on a cracker, I’m so bored.

You’d think a few days off would be a welcome reprieve to read and to write and enjoy the spring. Well, we had exactly one spring day yesterday, when I wasn’t feeling well enough to do more then walk a few paces onto my balcony, glare at the sun, and walk back inside. And today it’s cloudy and cold. Again.

And I can’t focus on any book longer than a minute. Maybe a horror novel isn’t the best choice for sitting alone in your house all day.

So that leaves my other favourite pastime, which is taking a lot of bubble baths and listening to podcasts.

For anyone keeping track (me), I stopped drinking one month and six days ago. It started as just a way to dry out and reap a few health benefits, maybe save a few bucks and drop a few pounds. Turns out I don’t like drinking nearly as much as I thought I did.

When I was seventeen, I took a lot of baths and most of my books were at least a little waterlogged. I got out of that habit in my twenties – living without a bathtub for a year in a foreign country might have had something to do with it. Plus, wine worked just fine for relaxing.

But now that I’m not drinking (and home, bored, popping antibiotics like candy), there’s a lot more time in the day, especially for things like self care, which is something I’ve always been fond of.

I’m turning to old self care techniques, and finding new ones. And don’t let people tell you that self care means a day at a fancy spa you can’t afford. Self care is cooking a healthful meal that doesn’t break the bank. It’s getting enough sleep, working out, finding time for hobbies you love.

Too much hype around self care is wrapped up in fancy gym clothes and expensive mani pedi packages. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these things – I love a good manicure. But you don’t have to spend money to take decent care of yourself.

So today, bored out of my mind, my plan is to drink a shit-ton of water and take a bubble bath, and try to eat something other than Jello and Fudgesicles.


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