Lousy S’March Weather

It’s happening again. Sunday was just glorious. I drove forty minutes out of town to the little coffee shop by the water where the owner makes the best homemade bread this side of the island. The sky was a brilliant blue, and the day was almost what we would call warm. Not most people. Just the people who live here.

But then it was gone.

Yesterday we woke up to the following combination of weather: Snow, Drizzle, Rain, Freezing Rain, Sideways Rain, General Moistness, A Suffusion of Damp, Sadness, Existentialism.


second winter.jpg


Every year about this time I question not living in the Florida Keys. Or at least, y’know, Scotland, where I’m told the fog is pleasantly less cold.

Anyway, I’ll be here, in my blanket fort, ’til about July.



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